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Mother's Day Gift Sets

Mother's Day Gift Sets

Introducing our Mother's Day gift set collection, curated in partnership with Teakan, a woman-owned Vancouver-based teashop founded by Claudia Tse and Janice Chan. This business is the fruition of two passionate tea lovers coming together to inspire an appreciation for the experience of drinking tea, and in their pursuit of this, these two have become tea experts in their own right. Claudia is a  certified THAC Tea Sommelier and Chinese Tea Master with TCI and Janice is a Chado practitioner and Urasenke disciple. 

This Mother's Day, give the gift of flowers and the delight of two floral-themed teas:

Crimson Rose – From Dali, Yunnan, this tisane captures the essence of romance and vitality. Handpicked at dawn and freeze-dried for peak freshness, it promises an elegant brewing experience.

Gardenia Dancong – Hailing from Da’an village in Wudong, this tea boasts Gardenia floral sweetness and a delicate mouthfeel. Sourced from 40-year-old tea trees at 950m elevation, it promises a sensory journey.

To top it off, add to the perfect gift with elegant teacups from Yunspace, thoughtfully completing the tea set.

Celebrate the beauty of shared moments, a notion explored in tea culture as well, and peruse our Mother's Day gift set collection for that perfect present to show your love.