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Traditional-Style Wedding

Timeless elegance that never fades.

Classic designs are classic for a reason, which is why the custom of wearing white at a wedding is a notion that transcends time. In accordance with tradition, look no further than white florals to accentuate the grace of a white gown.

Introducing our 'Traditional-Style Wedding Package', this collection features carefully considered wedding floral essentials that are both aesthetically pleasing and cost-considerate. Designed for fans of the iconic florally dense arrangements comprised of white florals, this package offers freedom in customization with options for personal, ceremony and reception floral needs.


Most pieces within this package can be repurposed throughout the wedding, something that was at the forefront of our consideration across our curation of this collection.

For instance, ceremony flowers, like our arch clouds or mason jar pew hangers, can be repurposed to accessorize other moments of your wedding.

Personal flowers, like bouquets, can be placed into vases to become reception florals. Smaller bouquets can be taken apart and divided into even smaller arrangements.

Make the most out of your flowers with a package that is designed to allow such practical resourcefulness.

Affordable Wedding Photos

To look back on forevermore.

Packages starting from $740