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About Us

At Arbutus Florist, we believe that a florist's job is much more than just wrapping and arranging flowers. Such an understated understanding of floristry is not only a slight to the many professional floral designers, but to the magnitude of flowers themselves. 

Flowers are a language of nature. They communicate our sympathy, our joy, our love and our appreciation and in return, we care for and try to extend their time with us. As florists, we treasure the evanescence of flowers and, in honour of their limited life span, do our utmost to ensure that their final days be spent at the peak of their beauty.

For the love of flowers, we honour their organic beauty and try not to mar what is preexisting.

For the love of life, we hope that their beauty will leave an everlasting impression that preserves them into our memory. 

Arbutus Florist

Store Hours:
Mon-Fri    9:00am - 4:30pm
Sat-Sun   By appointment only
Closed all Stat Holidays

Address: 2250 Main St. Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604-731-3313